Use Retry process two times if not login succesfully

I want to retry the process two times if not login successfully. Like first time I am login and not login successfully then again I want to login. can you plz guide. Thanks

@Palaniyappan @Jan_Brian_Despi Please guide expert. Thanks

You can use retry scope activity and provide no or retries value in properties as per your requirement.

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where to use this activity, means where to place this activity. How it will check whether login successfully or not.
suppose I place this activity after inserting the username and password and then click on submit. If I place after the submit button. plz right me if I am wrong.

Buddy @balkishan

we have an activity called RETRY SCOPE activity where we can mention in this way

  1. in the first part of retry scope you can drop the activities that you want to put in to login like click and type into activities
  2. then condition blokc of retry scope we have an option to put in only boolean return type of activities like element exists or image exists…so usually when we login to a page there will be a image or element that would occur for sure, so select that element or image with this activities
    like this

Hi @balkishan,
@dineshsigaram is right. Use Retry scope:

Then place the actions inside the scope and change the NumberOfRetries property to your desired number of retries :slight_smile:

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This activity looks like, why is after update the version these activity look like. why is collapse even I expand it but it doesn’t ?


Hi @balkishan
The Retry Scope should look like this:
Please try updating the packages :slight_smile:

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Here I am not able to see the Retry Scope and Condition Block bro?

See how it look like?

No worries buddy @balkishan
update the package of uipath.uiautomation.activities and uipath.system.activities
and reopen the systemonce

or here you go an xaml with retry scope (2.3 KB)

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Yes. Please try updating the packages :slight_smile:

were you able to open that buddy @balkishan

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Nothing is show here, I searched it

Are the project dependencies updated?

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Already update bro

were you buddy @balkishan

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I copied your activity. But It doesn’t show me anything bro.

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What is the version of your Studio?

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buddy make sure you have all these packages i your studio
and try reopening the studio once after installing the packages

Cheers @balkishan

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Thanks to @Jan_Brian_Despi & @Palaniyappan issue has been resolved :slight_smile:

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