Use Outlook 365 activity only retrieving 100 emails


I’m using the “Use Outlook 365” activity to get access to a shared mailbox to save email attachments. I then have a For Each Email activity to loop through the emails. I have set the “Limit emails to first” option as “No Limit”, however for some reason it only processes the first 100 emails. This is running unattended and runs through the entire process as normal with no errors, just only processing the first 100 emails.

Any idea why this may be occurring? I have thought about changing the value to 5000 instead of No Limit.

Thanks for your help.


This would be my first suggestion. Change it to anything >100 and see if it still limits you to 100.

I would also test it using a non-Shared mailbox to see if the same behaviour persists.

Try with setting the value to zero or int32.MaxValue or -1

Hope this helps


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@moosh I set the value to 5000 and it ended up processing 51 emails and left 50 valid emails that have attachments unprocessed. I didn’t have this issue when processing in the users own mailbox. I also didn’t get this behaviour when starting the process from within Studio and all emails were processed.

@Anil_G I tried entering int32.MaxValue and -1 but the field wouldn’t accept those values. I also entered 0 and it ended up changing this to No Limit which is the same value I originally had.

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