Use Orchestrator API from PowerApps Canevas Application


I’m using to get/put some informations in Orchestrator using PowerAppsApplication but the problem is that i’m getting Http Status 500 when i run the request from my custom connector.

For the authentication, i used the Api Key in the connector with Authorization as parameter name in the header of the request.

Can you help me please ?


Can some one help me please…

Hi @othmen.rebai

Can you please share some screenshots of how you call orch api from powerapps

Also share error screenshots.

Thank you for your answear.

Unfortunately, i cannot share screenshots from my customer environement.

The problem is that when i use /api/Account/Authenticate, i get the access token but when i use this token to getUsers from orchestrator for example i get the response You’re not Authenticated … With SoapUi and Postman i have the same response.

Do you have an idea ?because this is what blocking me …

Thank you