Use OneDrive&SharePoint - Upload file to shared folder

Hello, I have the problem that I can’t upload a file to a shared folder. Besides uploads to teams of which I am part of is possible. And one strange case worked, which I will describe below.

My settings:


In Sharepoint:
I follow the folder and I have the right to read and write

Setting up the integration we gave the following rights:


  • Get File/Folder: Works → I get the folder drive item with all components

  • Upload file: Error message → Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Strange case:
In another example, I have a SharePoint site to which I have full rights and I follow as a developer. I shared the exact folder with our user on the VM machine (unattended bot) and made him follow the website (shared folder only). In contrast to the case before it worked and the bot uploaded the file.

thank you in advance!