Use of "move outlook mail message" Activity



I have used the "all 3 outlook mail activity available as of now.
creating the rules for the mail and storing in particular folder ,this feature is already available in Outlook.
So why do we need this “Move Outlook Mail Message” activity.?
Initially i thought we can store the mail in given local folder but here we need to create that folder inside the outlook. so what is so special thing we are achieving here using this activity ?


This is just a thought ( I haven’t used it before), what if your requirement needs to move the mail messages from “Inbox” to “Completed” (existing custom folder) after each successful activity? How do you do that?


Hi @ddpadil,

This activity is useful when you want to move the mails after you have processed a transaction or if the details are not sufficient you can move to a folder where Human Intervention is required.

There are many use cases for it. Outlook can take care of Initial sorting however later when you process a transaction, you need to move it manually and this activity is for that purpose.



Pretty sure we requested this about 2 years ago for a specific project. It is useful as it allows you to move emails from an Inbox to a particular folder for archiving or some other activity.

Please don’t remove! :slight_smile: