Use multple "Name" attributes in a selector

Hi, I have a webpage I need to get the value from various input fields. its seems by looking at the selectors for the different fields, there isn’t much to use but to use different “name” attributes like the below:

Below is one input field:

Below is another:

My question is how can I use the “name” attribute in both selectors but use it in one selector if that makes sense. Sorry, i am new.


We can’t see any selector in your post. Remove < and > these and paste your selector here. So that we can help you in this.

Hi, apologies, please see below selector

webctrl name=‘DateToProc2’ tag=‘INPUT’
webctrl name=‘DateToProc1’ tag=‘INPUT’

Hi @rohangroombridge

Show the entire selector please



As per what I see, you are looking for the name attribute so that you can extract the value from various input fields but you are getting the selectors as you mentioned in this post above.

Considering that I got it right, I shall attempt to help you.

So as soon as you click on the element, you are getting the selector (whatever it is), you can open the UiExplorer and play around with the selectors however you want, such that you can find the aaname attribute and the text what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,