Use Microsoft Graph API to read email in


I am trying to read emails from my account using Microsoft Graph API. I have registered app in azure active directory and created client secret key as well. I am facing difficulties and not able to authorize, generate token and call me/messages api. Please help.

fine no worries
may i know what was the error you were facing if possible with the screenshot
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan

I tried to add http request to my workflow and passed client id, client secret key, scope in headers and gave url to generate token but it does not give any output. Basically need steps to read emails using Microsoft Graph api. Please help.

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one small clarification, are we trying to read mail from outlook configured in your machine or some other machine and connecting that through api
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan

I dont hav eoutlook installed also dont have O365 subscription. I have microsoft account( and trying to read from that.

then we can simply use GET EXCHANGE MAIL activity where we can mention the outlook mail account in it and the server name which would get us output with a variable of type list with mailmessages collection
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan

I am thinking to use Microsoft Graph API as it is latest and covers many applications.

From my understanding Microsoft Graph API in Uipath works with office 365 account.

I have 365 account and using uipath to upload files.