Use lookup and filter simultaneously

I have some issues completing “Lookup and Filtering Data” task.

I want to get the average value of sheet2 and put it in sheet1.

The name of sheet 2 is full name and the name of sheet 1 is abbreviation.

Have you tried VLookup with exact match as false @111132?

Yes, I tried.
If the player names are same exactly, then I can complete.
But, It’s hard because only part of the name is the same.

I’ve attached file, Please give me some advice.
191010_과제 (654.1 KB)
Thank you

Can you attach the excel workbook @111132?

It"s in the zip file I’ve attached. Please check again.

Lad Player.xlsx (9.7 KB)

It has only one file and one sheet. if you provide me both, I will just check and get back to you

I’m getting values here in the vlookup with the formula

=VLOOKUP(A2,’[Lad Player.xlsx]Sheet2’!$A:$A,1,TRUE) but not sure about the data as I don’t understand the language.Can you please check and let me know


Thank you for your quick response.

I’m a beginner. Moreover, I don’t know about IT knowledge.

I’ll try to solve this problem with your assist.

Thank you again.

No problem @111132

Will be happy to help you. Please try above and let me know if it works

LA Dasers Player.xlsx (11.0 KB)

I’ve attached English name of player.

This project is like this,

I would like to know player’s batting average of the Dodgers this year who run today’s game.

Sheet 1 is today’s player and Sheet 2 is the batting average for the Dodgers team this year.