Use If In Assign don't seem to work


I have a variable auto_name = xxx.1, or xxx.2,… xxx.12

Each of the last digit denote the mth. Eg 1=Jan, 2=Feb…

I want to create a new variable for the mth. I did a quick test with the below, but it doesn’t work.

Even when auto_name = xxx.1, Name_Mth = “Sep”. It can’t seem to read the condition

Name_Mth = IF(RIGHT(auto_name,1)=“1”,“Jan”, “Sep”)

If auto_name.Substring(auto_name.Length-1)=“1”
assign Name_Mth=“Jan”

Are you using it as formula


I am using the below on the RIGHT side of the Assign:

IF(RIGHT(auto_name,1)=“1”,“Jan”, “Sep”)

Thank you


I don’t want to use the IF-ELSE-THEN activity.

Thank you

You can use **


** for all month

I know what is wrong. There are blank spaces on the right of my variable auto_name, so it is not reading in the last digit.