Use GSuite APIs from a different account

Hi, I am able to access GSheets, using GSuite APIs, from my regular Google account but unable to use APIs to access sheets from another account. Is it because UiPath is configured to the first account? Please help. Thanks in advance!

You have to create project in your new google account so then only you can use the g suit and in that make sure you have to enable the package

If you not satisifize this solution please share the screenshot what type of error you get so I can try to resolve it

Chethan P

Thanks for the response Chetan. I don’t get any error, just that ‘Find files and Folders’ activity returns null. So, the next activity - ‘Read Range’ throws an exception.
When I change the name of the file to one in my regular account, it reads perfectly.

How do I create project in the new G account? Do you mean setting up another account in orchestrator?

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I will cross check and I will get back to you with solution.