Use global execution handler on a certain activity not in the whole main

hi… i want to use the global execution handler on a certain activity. i don’t want global execution handler the handle all the error in main but only on one activity inside a workflow. is it possible to obtain this goal?

for example i have the screenshot of the main…

inside the flowchart there is template activity, inside it there is a for each row named Area Breaking.

i want to use the global handler in Area Breaking Activity. is it possible to declare in the Global Handler to only execute on Area Breaking Activity?

i tride try catch and it fails to do it’s part.

i’m a rookie and just started using uipath.

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@Tammy1998, You are on right track. You should use Try catch in such a case. Can you please let me know what difficulty you are facing with Try Catch?


okay. i’l try it later. thanks for answering…

i tried your suggestion and it worked. i just did something wrong earlier that’s why i still keep getting the error in uipath but now it’s working fine. thanks…

Glad to know it works…Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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