Use file from live url without downloading it

Hi All,
I have came across a requirement that i want to fulfil , I have a live url that will download a certain file and then i have to upload the file to cms ,it is working now as i first download the file to my local drive then upload it to cms from my local copy for the file ,but I want it to happen on the fly and upload the file to cms without downloading the file first. Is it possible.Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

@Rahul_Dochak can you take a screenshot from where you want to get the file.

@rimsha03 Actually the file is being downloaded by the http request in the resource path.The url download the file automatically if used in browser.

I think there is no other way to upload file except downloading. As you have only the url to access the file and that url will always download the file first.

@rimsha03 Thanks for trying.