Use exception popup when exception occur?

How to use the Message Box when some exception occurs. Like if an exception occurs and it display in a message box

Hi @balkishan.
Do you have a Try Catch activity? :slight_smile:

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Please use msg box in Catch block like below
Code: exception.tostring

No @Jan_Brian_Despi

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Are you using REFramework?

Just I created a demo process. so there I want to use that

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Please use a Try Catch activity :slight_smile:
THen in the Catch state, use a Message Box activity
Then to output the source where the exception occurred, use exception.source
For the message of the exception, use exception.Message.

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Exception can be occur anywhere. It can we oocur in email part, login, or data entry anywhere.

As far as I’m aware, exception.Source works nice only for Invoked process parts. Catched under simple workflow (not invoked) will output only “UiPath.Activities”, which lacks information.


You can wrap the whole process with TryCatch to avoid process being not correctly ended. If you know the particular places, when the exception can occur, you can always try to wrap smaller parts to identify exceptions in a more detailed way. (e.g. separate business exceptions and system exceptions)

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Please try working with Global Exception Handler. Documentation below:

Hope this helps

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