Use Excel Sheet in ReframeWork Dispacher

Hello ,

We are using Excel Sheet in Dispacher so the Activities are performed in the below manner

1)Read the Sheet
2)It Stores in data table
3)Perform the Activities in Sequence
And in the End add to Queue

The challange we face is that if at any step there is an exception then we have to rerun it and this adds items into queue multiple times
So is there a way that in case there is an exception it still continues with the other items in data table

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When you add items to the queue, Use for each loop to add in the queue one by one. In the for each, place try catch in the body. if BOT fails to add in queue mark it as failed in excel.

and if you want to push only once and it should not be repeated then provide Reference to the queue item.




Check out below two tutorials, might help you.



Actually let me explain in more detail

We are using a Sequence in Dispacher which follows the below approach
1)From portal downloads the files(Download files sequence)
2)Identifies one by one which country the files belong(identify Sequence)
3)Perform calculation and adds that details into the Excel Sheet(Calculation Sequence)
4)Add to Queue

So the thing is it moves to the next sequence only once its done with the current one.
Currently For Each Row in Data table is used

Which means that if it finds some error while calculating for the first file then it fails and stops and does not go to the next sequence

Is there a way we can conquer this this and make it independent so that if for example for one of the sheet it fails it still continues with others

Thanks kalpesh for the response

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