Use Excel As DataSource and fetch whole row data for further use

Am trying to use excel as datasource.
I have multiple sheets in the excel and multiple rows in the sheets. Hence am trying to go to a particular sheet and using name coloum as primary key, am trying to fetch the whole row . Now i would like to use the row values where ever required.

I have connected the excel as datasource.
writing the query:
select * from [Sheet2$] where [Name]=“XYZ”

Now I have the row count as 1, I would like see and fetch all the coloum values as well. How do we do it?


Hello @anushreebehura

Row data will be in array format. You can print it by calling yourRowName(index).ToString to display the value. Use message or WriteLine activity to display it. Let me know if any further queries.

thanks it worked!