Use Custom Try Catch within REF

I understand that REF already comes with Try catch block.
I am using Throw activity and simply throwing the exception to the designated exception in the Main catch block, works perfectly.

I have a big flow in my Init block which I want to surround with try Catch but I am confused and not able to replicate the exact scenario, if I use a Throw statement inside my custom Try catch block, it is being caught the by the custom Try Catch and not by the Main Try Catch, even though the exception type being thrown is present in Main Try catch block but still Custom Catch block catches it.

Not sure if I can use a Throw statement inside catch block of my custom Try Catch, will it throw to Main Catch block?

I think I achieved my result by using Throw in Try if something goes wrong, then again using a Throw in Catch block with specific message and this throw gets carried over to the main catch block under system exception with a specific exception reason.

Hi @Faraz_Subhani
You can use a rethrow in the catch block of inner workflows to send the same wxception to calling workflows.this rethrown exception would have same type and message as the original exception which was catched in inner workflow