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I am have created a Credential type Asset in Orchestrator, but I am not able to figure out how to use the User ID and Password stored in asset in Studiox. I have seen videos related to Studio and it is very clear their, but I am struggling to use the same in Studiox. Please advise.

If you are building attended robot then you should rather use input dialog and user should pass credential to working robot, when it ask about it.

Thanks for your response. But in some scenarios, I need to hard code the credentials, can we retrieve the same from Orchestrator’s Asset? I have seen in tutorials it can be done in Studio.


In order to get credentials from Orchestrator you will need to use the Get Username/ Password activity :slight_smile:

Later edit : you will need to be connected to the orchestrator and make sure that you have the desired folder selected :smiley:

Hi Dragos, Thanks but I tried it but the “Get Username/Password” window does not have “Credentials Source” option, I don’t know why. Mine look like below.

Do you have idea what could be reason behind it.

You need the System 21.4.0-preview package to get the Orchestrator option in the Get/Username Password activity. This version is delivered with the latest Studio/x 21.4 Community Edition

An alternative, if you don’t want to update, would be to switch to the Studio profile, open the Studio X project, drag the Studio GetCredential activity on the designer and then switch back to StudioX to continue your work.

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