Use Contains in Click OCR text

Hey there,

i have to click on a text with OCR text. The problem is that sometimes it can contain the word “Hello” and in the next iteration it could contain at the same place “Goodbye”. Its just an example but this would be my problem. how can I say the robot it should click this no matter which of these 2 expressions are there.

thank you in advance.

In this case, i would have just used, get text activity, and use an if activity to check if the text contains hello, and then click on the element else move on.

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I will try it but it should not move on if there is the text goodbye it must also click on that… but I think in an if with an or in it, it can work. Thanks for the quick response i will try it and inform you.

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If it needs to click regardless, then why not just use wild cards where the text changes between goodbye and hello, just use *

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Didn’t work the selector don’t show me the text on what i want to click.