Use Comma (,) seprated value in config file


How can I use comma seprated value, or use multiple values for one key in config file.

For information, my config file is in CSV format.

Hello @mohammedamaan

May i know how the other values of the CSV file are delimited? by the same comma? or something else like the tab or space or some other character?

If so, you can use the comma separated value .
Once you read it, you can check whether the cell includes commas…
if commas are available, use Split function to split the values into an array.
Next, use a for each activity to loop through the array so that you can access each value individually within the loop

Yes its the same comma.

How will it distinguish between if it has multiple value or if it is description on the key

Why not use a different character to separate multi values?

Yes we can do the. We can use ( ; ) instead of comma.

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Can you please tell me how will I have to define it in the config file using ( ; )

You can leave the other columns with comma separation an the multi values with ( ; ) separation in the config file.

Next, when reading it, you can use the same steps I specified in my previous comment…


Thanks. It worked.

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