Use Check App State StudioX for target that may be in different position


In StudioX, I need to use Check App State to look for a specific target on a web page containing “SCPT.WDBUB.DBDB.LNIF.XYZ”. This text will be in the same column each day but in a different row. Any suggestions?

HI @joseph.j.tiernan

In the properties of the check app state activity change the selectors dynamically and check once.

by enabling aaname =‘SCPT.WDBUB.DBDB.LNIF.XYZ’ and idx=’*’

Change like this and try once


Hi @joseph.j.tiernan ,

there is alternative for check app state activity in this case is Use Get text activity and while capturing screen change your Ui framework to UIA mode by using F4 so that studio will allow to capture the whole screen. Once you get the whole screen data into text format with the Get text activity use the if condition and go to advance editor and use contains match with your text SCPT.WDBUB.DBDB.LNIF.XYZ like below

Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)(“YourGettextOutput”).Contains(“SCPT.WDBUB.DBDB.LNIF.XYZ”)

Hi Sudharsan - please see below for my options in properties…What do you suggest?

Targeting Metod set to Fuzzy Selector