Use cases with Unattended Node Locked License (no orchestrator)

Hello for all,

We have some question about Unattended Node Locked License.

We DON’T have orchestrator.
We are planning buy ONLY ONE unattended license (node locked) to run some process in parallel on a server.

Sesion in Server1/user1 (process1, process2, process3 sequential)
Sesion in Server1/user2 (process4, process5, process6 sequential)

Can they run in parallel with one unattended license?
How many Unattended Node Locked licenses need to buy to run in this scenario?

And…is the followin scenario possible with only one unattended license?

Sesion in Server1/user1 (process1, process2, process3 sequential)
Sesion in Server1/user1 (process4, process5, process6 sequential)

Thank you

@Gonzalo_Estelles - Please refer this post. Without Orchestrator your options are limited.


Thanks for reply but our client only wants to buy an attended robot because se wants launch process manually with several users.

They want to launch manually multiple process in parallel in a server (by a console).

¿is it possible?

I posted other topic in this forum and looks like it is possible, isn’t it? So how many licenses will I need?

@Gonzalo_Estelles - If you want to run processes manually and in parallel, then you will need as many licenses as there are processes to be run in parallel.