Use cases for construction field

can anyone please suggest use cases for construction field

Hi @Chetan_N,
Could you expand a little your question? I’m not sure if I got it right.

could u please give an example how ui path automation can be used in construction field

I’m still confused about “construction field”. But if you mean by this actual construction company or something then UiPath Automation will be for sure useful in terms of administration, monitoring processes like invoices, bank-related things, materials ordering and any kind of repetitive tasks which normally requires human action.

Thanks pawel…could u plz u suggest use case in invoice processing…

For example if you need to work with invoices like calculating something or make the payments and so on you can use our OCR, AI based features which are able to read scanned or mail-received documents and provide data from them to needed application like bank account or SAP application.

Thanks pawel for ur kind response…

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