Use case

How to solve this
I’m getting difficult in last 3 points

Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou

As per the last 3 points:

  1. Use Find Children activity for download the all the certificates for each district.
  2. Save the PDF file, read the PDF text & use RegEx to extract the Rera number from the text.
  3. Add the extracted data into datatable & write it into an excel file.

Hope this helps,
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I tried this but not helpful


Is the link that you are getting contains .pdf at the end?

If so you can try getting the url using get attributw and then use http activity and send the url in end point and assign a file location in response file as attachment field then the file will be downloaded

Then you can try read pdf and extract the data


I done with this but I’m getting any url of pdf


If you can provide more info than telling your not getting or this wont work…then we xan help you better…