Use case for Argument type 'Property'

Can anyone explain the use of workflow argument type ‘property’ in the letest release 2019.5

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Now in the latest release Edit Arguments is missing for Invoke Workflow file activity. So, go to arguments under properties of that activities and add arguments and save it.

I was talking about argument direction type : Property


Currently we are not using this one as Direction. Please Check below thread.

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thank you

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If you are not using the argument anymore but it might be useful in future then you can just make it as property.If argument direction is property then it argument will not be accessible in the flow.It will show compile time error.
You can see that we can’t see the argument in the list which have property direction.


Where we can make use of it?
I did use it to identify the location of argument in complex(big) workflows. If you change the argument type to property then argument will not be accessible in the flow anymore and it will show the error accordingly we can route to it and make changes.

Attached are the screenshots for your reference.

@Hafeez_Niyaz Let me know if you need more explanation.

Pravin Patil

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