Use Case __01

Hello guys i have a use case.

step 1:
I want to check first row in section column if its 910216 it should take corresponding “SI Lc” amount in the same row.

Step 2 :
it should check the 2 nd row whether same 910216 repeating and the Risk ID is “2”

if the Risk ID is 2 and the value 910216 Repeats It should take the Corresponding "SI Lc " Amount.

Note : Here there will be around 50 Rows, Some time the value “910216” will in the 50th
Row of Section column.

Question :
If we point each and every field it will be complicated code.

Instead of pointing each and every field, can we do the process in a simple way.(Like Retry scope or some thing like that)

Can anyone have the solution for this

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Hi @Gokul_Murali ,
in step 1:
else → do nothing?
in step 2:
else → do nothing?
You can use filter data table to get only value “910216”

If you know this value then you can get the rowindex, where you have the first occurence of this text:
Use assign activity

int_rowIndex = DT.Rows.IndexOf(DT.AsEnumerable.FirstOrDefault(function(row) row("Section").toString.Equals("910216")))

Where int_rowindex is a integer variable

  1. Now use your same logic to get the first row value of SI Lc column

stroutput = DT.Rows(int_rowindex)(“SI LC”).ToString

  1. Then an if condition like this

DT.Rows(int_rowindex)(“Section”).ToString.Trim.Equals(DT.Rows(int_rowindex+1)(“Section”).ToString.Trim) AND DT.Rows(int_rowindex+1)(“Risk ID”).ToString.Trim.Equals(“2”)

if yes it goes to THEN block where get the SI Lc value like this

stroutput_1 = DT.Rows(int_rowindex+1)(“SI LC”).ToString

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Gokul_Murali


Its not only to get the value “910216” but also to get the corresponding “Risk id” and the “SI Lc” Value

Yes, I see we need get both columns “Risk id” and the “SI Lc” Value
but I want to know in columns “Section”
we need get row have “910216” only

that’s right?


Yeah thats right and its corresponding values
And it should check Risk id = 2 exist for the same “910216”.

Ok, thanks for confirm
in this case
I think we can filter data table
get rows have Section = 910216
→ new data table few lines
we can use if check riskID
if it = 2
can you share your file, I will code sample for you


You want me to share what file ?

You image is form web or application, that’s right?
to use it, I think we can extract it to data table to use
data table, we can save it as excel or csv

Did u check this step @Gokul_Murali


From where do i get this DT value.

And do i need to indicate any field from screen

If it’s excel then you can read with read range activity and get datatable dt
Check whether you can extract that as a excel report


If it’s from a application with tabular data source then try to use TABLE EXTRACTION in UiPath
Check this out on how to use it

Hope this clarifies @Gokul_Murali


Ok ill extract the data and send it to you

U can try with the same steps in your studio
Try and let us know @Gokul_Murali


See i cant use this activity !!!


I cant use the activity

Check whether you are able to extract that as a excel report from that application @Gokul_Murali


No we cant extract only that values as excel from the application.

Do we have any other option ?

Either table extraction or report extraction from that application
Or try with screen scrapping



You meant to extract through RPA ?

Or you meant there is any option in application to extract the value ?