Use Browser selector not working as expected

I have a Use Browser activity with a selector that has a value for URL and a Title. I have two browser windows with that same URL but the titles are different. So if I open the selector and click “Highlight” then it highlights the correct window. But if I click “Highlight Target (H)” in the options of the activity in the workflow, then it highlights the wrong window. I assume it does this because the URL matches and it takes the first one that matches this and then it just ignores the selector (that contains Title too).

When I remove URL from the activity, then it shows me a warning icon “URL is required”, however then it does work as expected. It highlights the correct window, because it cannot focus on the URL property and has to check the selector (which also contains the URL btw).

Please check this out and see if it helps figure out the issue:


It doesn’t help, because it will ignore the selector when the URL property is filled in. I have tested it nevertheless and it indeed doesn’t help.

Check the window selector in your activity within the use browser container.
Modern activities have a nasty and annoying property: they do not automatically inherit the window selector from the containing ‘use browser’. So if you made the use browser selector specific enough using title and url, the activity within might still have a generic window selector causing this.

Maybe this is already fixed in higher version activities but I encountered this a lot in earlier versions of the ‘modern’ experience.

You’re right about the window selectors not inheriting the Use Browser selector, however my selectors were also correct (but different than the Use Browser selector). After changing the window selectors to the same selector from the Use Browser, it doesn’t change the described behavior.

My only workaround that’s working right now is to leave the URL property empty.