Use Browser is missing settings like “Private” & “NewSession” in the Modern Design

Does not work. Should I create a screencast of this so that you believe me I’m doing it correctly?

Just did it exactly as you said. Very sad that it’s so buggy.

I got this problem also, my workaround was to use the classic version ‘Open Browser’ activity, and then use the ‘Use application/Browser’ activity from the new version to attach to the opened browser.

What an interesting hack but that does not sound good as you finally have to cleanup this when the bug has been fixed. Right?

Not necessary if you think about it. Its not like Im putting too much hacking or something that is not on Out of the box from the solution.
But yes, it would still be something that could receive some cleaning.

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It’s really not necessary to do any such hacks (using Open Browser)

Add a new Use Application/Browser, configure it to your liking (make sure it works as expected) and then add it to OR.

What does this mean in detail? As I said, I already tested it and it does not work for me. What is OR?

Super strange. For the record, OR in this context means Object Repository.

Let’s try with a sample project with a working Object Repository screen for Chrome: (11.0 KB)

Could you give it a test like so to see if it will add the object correctly:

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Your example works.

But then I tried again in your project to create another application in the OR and the Chrome screen. And again the “–incognito” is always gone.

So the question is how did you add the parameter on the screen? There is no property window of the screen and the selector is identical to yours.

And cant see any difference so maybe you also show how you added app and screen and where that incognito comes from.

And for sure I selected incognito Chrome.

Sure, see here:

Alright, that solved it.

Well that’s a hack because after selecting the application it wants the screen directly. And here you need to click Cancel. That is the tricky hack. But that works. Just set the setting and then at the end link to the new screen.

Thanks for the help. But that means, when I would like to change settings after I linked the screen, these changes are not applied? Or is it only Arguments that is ignored?

All settings that are under “Unified Application target” are linked to OR.
Any changes that you do are ignored and OR object settings win.

Interesting but absolutely confusing. So maybe give the possibility to change those settings on the OR object would solve any issue and everyone is happy.



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A small update. Some improvements in this area will be included in the upcoming 2022.6 Studio version.

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