Use AttachWindow output together with selectors - Is it possible?


I came across certain instances where it would be beneficial to use the output from an AttachWindow or OpenBrowser (Window variable, Browser variable) together with a selector to access a specific UI element.

I have a parallel process where 2 processes each open a website and enter data. The problem is, the websites use the same basic structure, therefore the text field I’m accessing has the same name on both websites, i.e. the selectors are equal. Due to the fact it runs in parallel if I use Simulate Type to enter the text it seems not to write it in both text fields, one is empty, whereas the other one is filled correctly.
When I run it in sequence it works for both websites. I found a workaround by incorporating the title of the window from IE or use Send Window Messages, however Simulate Type is just faster. But maybe it’s a bug as well as it is working via Window Messages.

I was wondering if it is possible to tell UiPath execute this selector in this Window? As I understood it, you can only use either the Window variable or the selector.