Use Application/Browser - Indicate application blank screen

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One of the sample projects in the Academy RPA course involves using the Use Application/Browser activity. When clicking on “Indicate application to automate”, all I get is a black screen and am unable to indicate which browser at all.

I have attempted to input the url manually in the URL field under Input in the properties but this does nothing.

I am working in a Citrix environment, would this be a cause and if so what can I do about this?


Here you go with some of the latest resources with video and sample file for the Citrix automation

Advanced Citrix Automation

The Find Image activity is useful in image-based automation, as it stops the execution of the workflow until the selected image is found or the timeout expires.

Image and Text Automation

Automating virtual environments can be quite complicated, as automatic recording is not possible. To automate faster, try using only the keyboard.

Citrix Automation. Keyboard Hotkeys

Automate Citrix using shared clipboard. UiPath. Learn to automate rule based processes. Robots that manipulate software like a person.

With the last link, at the bottom of the post you can next links on same Citrix topic
Click them you can learn one by one

Hope this would help you

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Thanks very much, this looks very promising and helpful

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