Use Anchor dialog pops up

Use anchor dialog box pops up every time while selecting any menu in notepad.How to get rid of this?anchordialog

Unable to reproduce the issue.
I tried recording for click on notepad, it worked well.image

It used to recur in earlier version of UiPath studio. Please update the UiPath studio.
For time being you just need to hit F2 key which give you 3 seconds of delay in mean time you can click on file tab and hover on the child menu.

Did you find a way to get rid of this dialog box?

@aatunrase, Possible ways have been shared by @ddpadil in previous post.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Hi Dominic,

I am running the latest Uipath Studio, and the F2 key does not work. Just wondering if there was another way


Hi @aatunrase,



HI @ddpadil, Could you please help me here as well. I am using UiPath community edition and it was downloaded and installed on 15th Mar 2018, so assume it is the latest. I am getting the above error(or message) as shared by @viveksri06 . I really need your help. Just started with UiPath.