URL retreives # symbol


I have a webpage contains 10 links which have the same name called ‘Details’. I have to click on each ‘Details’ to retrieve the info and then to click GO BACK button to return to the webpage. Also, In a webpage, I can retrieve only 10 Details, but I have several pages. In each page, I have to perform the same.

Note: I tried with data scrapping, but the URL for ‘Details’ retrieves # symbol. I also tried with '‘Get attribute’ activity, but it retrieves the same URL for all the ‘Details’.

Kindly someone help me on this, as I am working on a project to prove Uipath automation can make big changes to the industry am working on.

Did you try href instead of URL?

No… I don’t have an idea about that. Can u help me on that.

if you pass href instead of URL in get attribute,what is the result?

it returns # symbol

Do you see the URL you are expecting in any of the properties of UiExplorer?



  1. When you click on that link what happens? You are redirected to a different page or scrolled down on same page or a pop up appears?
  2. What happens when you right click on link and do select shortcut or copy link? what url do you get?
  1. It is redirected to next page.
  2. When I copy link, it appears like "https://www.abcdef.com/ProviderPortal/claims/CheckClaimStatusResult.do#

Also, When I try to view the page source, I found that it is a javascript program. Please see below for the code snippet for the ‘Details link’
< a href=’#’ onclick = detailslink();>

Hope this info will help you to find a solution for my problem.

Yes, it is calling a js func on click event.

Probably you can do Find Children and click on all elements without with aaname= Claim and do your logic and come back to main page (Navigate url).

or (not sure it works) use this in foreach

Children.Where(Function(x As UiElement) x.Selector.ToString.Contains(“aaname=‘Claims’”))

thank you for your prompt response… I am tryiing on it. I will update you the status

Not working for me. :cry:.

Its working fine now. But the problem is, it is always performing the action on the first element. Can you please help me.

Can someone find me a solution for this?

I noticed you have a tableRow attribute. What you could do is use a loop and increment rowNumber by 1 each time you click the element.

You can then edit the selector to use the variable. You need to edit it as a string by clicking inside the Selector text box in the Parameters for the activity.

"< ......     tableRow='2' />"
to "< ..... tableRow='"+rowNumber.ToString+"' />"

So, when you have rowNumber=rowNumber+1, it will add 1 to the row number and click each link until there is an error and the element doesn’t exist.

EDIT: How that collaborates with vvaidya’s ideas, I am not sure. You might be able to instead run a ForEach loop with the Children.Where( ) method if it returns a list of links you can click and ignore my previous idea.


Thank you… I did it using find relative element activity.

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