URL orchestrator request with more than one fitler

Hi all!

I´m trying to get the elements from a specific queue but also with Status ‘Failed’, so I tried this Get URL

DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/QueueItems?$QueueDefinitionId eq 715671&$Status eq ‘Failed’

Im getting every Item of that queue, I only want to retrieve the ones that failed.

PD: I know I can get em with get queue items activity, but I need the URL

Thank you in advance

Hi ,

try this $filter option

/DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/QueueItems?$QueueDefinitionId eq [QueueDefinitionId]&$filter=([Filter1] eq ‘[Value1]’) and ([Filter2] eq ‘[Value2]’)

/DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/QueueItems?$QueueDefinitionId eq 715671&$filter=(Status eq ‘Failed’) and (Priority eq ‘High’)

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Now I´m getting every Failed item from every queue, but it´s a progress

DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/QueueItems?$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq 715671 And Status eq 'Failed'
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nailed it!
Tried with & but not with And

Thank you, that works

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