Url need to update without opening the project and config file

Url is chnaged now i need to update the new Url without opening the project and config file. Please. Guide me.

@jais1609 Can you tell us In detail the problem you are facing ?

Example. Www.google.com was changed to Www.google.co.in

I have keep the url in config file and read using dictionary in while developing.

Now i need to update the new url without opening the config file?

@jais1609 But if the input to the URL is in the Config file, then you need to update the config file itself :sweat_smile: Is it possible for you to access the Workflow Code ?

Can you try by keep it in asset.

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No it is not possible

If i keep in asset i need to touch my code but i am unable to touch it now

@jais1609 Can you tell us why aren’t you able to access both the excel file and the workflow? :sweat_smile:

Is there any other way bro without opening the config file to update the new url.

@jais1609 I don’t know of any other method, Because in your case we cannot access the code nor the resources, hence I don’t think we can :sweat_smile:, If possible explain why aren’t you able to update the Excel

Okay bro i will update in my config file. Thing is now i am unable to access the config file from home that what i ask any alternative way.

Thank you so much bro for assistance. I really appreciate it.

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