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I open URL and recorded certain button via click activity if i run next day it will NOT click icon instead of clicking another icon

If we say click icon-1 but it clicking the icon-2 how to resolve this.

Click Icon - 1
Click Icon - 2

Hy @Raj_Nadar,

If it runs once and do not run another day mayby you are having problems with your selector, please run your process on debbug mode and check if all selectors are still valid. Use ‘Repair’ to correct the selected.

Please let me know if it works?


This power BI report we need to retrieve the report on daily basis if we click the button it will click another button. I used anchor base = find elements option also it does not work…do we have any other option…

@Raj_Nadar , have you tried the click image? that will work perfectly if the link or button you re trying to click stays in the same position on the site.

Hi @Raj_Nadar,

Did you check if your icon has some standard attribute which can be used.

@SenzoD wow… how confident you said, thanking you…

will come back to you for more URL activity if i have any doubts.

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