Urgent: Which UI path RPA for POC? What components are needed?

We want to use UiPath tool to showcase RPAs usability & potential in the context of MS IT operations. We have selected a simple use case of Access management (providing, updating, deleting access to a sample application to users). User issues/ requests will be read from excel file or an actual ticketing system. My queries are as follows:

  1. Which product is suitable? - UiPath RPA Platform or Free UiPath Community Edition. Ours is a large organisation, but our purpose for PoC.
  2. If suppose UiPath RPA Platform is used: Are all components mandatory like Orchestrator, Robot, Studio? Can we install & use only Studio
  3. Since the purpose is POC, can this product be installed & used in a Windows laptop?
  4. We want the product which is configurable & easy to use. Does it involve coding?

Request urgent help, as we have very limited time to complete PoC.

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I’d go with trial (time-limited full version).

You can use only Studio (it includes the Robot).
Knowing what the Orchestrator does would be beneficial, but not mandatory for a PoC itself.


Some coding, or at least basic programming knowledge, is highly recommended - loops, variable types, string manipulations etc. Nothing complicated is strictly required, but do keep in mind that the workflows work with VB.Net expressions.
As an example, if the person doing it can’t comprehend at least things like string myString = "ABCD123".Substring(2, 2) I’d say you’re going to have a bad time.
Knowledge of XML also helps, as selectors for elements are essentially XML.

If you have very limited time for PoC, I’d definitely recommend having someone that worked with .Net (any .Net, really) and XML do it. It will speed things greatly, as the initial learning bump should be trivial to overcome.

While I can’t speak for UiPath, I’d say contacting their sales support could help as well. I’m positive they went through A LOT of those PoC scenarios already.

Regards and good luck!