Urgent: Validation Error in invoked workflow

Hey @Tom1989

What version you are using?


@aksh1yadav Studio Version. 2018.2.3 on one machine and Studio Version 2018.4.1 on another machine

Hey @Tom1989
can you save it and share this workflow and share with me again.



Solution_Goodman_POC_New.xaml (65.6 KB)

hi @nadim.warsi @Rishi1 @RishiVC1 @ClaytonM @neonova @aksh1yadav

Any update mate. Why am I receiving a validation error?

Hey @Tom1989

All works good at my end. Not able to rectify it.
Please install all official packages from package manager and then give it a try :slight_smile:


Hi @aksh1yadav It worked fine till yesterday. I don’t know what went wrong suddenly.

Can you suggest anything?

Check your windows system updates. See if any new software changes/library changes were made to your system

what error your are getting finally can share? screenshot? logs?

Hi @aksh1yadav

Please check the previous posts for variables and imports

Is it due to conflict between to packages that is imported in the studio?


Im not sure but can you remove one of them and try?

What import did you do just before it stopped working?

Hi @nadim.warsi, I did not import anything on this project. I kept it aside after I finished the Proof of Concept.

Can you tell me how to eliminate it? Should I just remove one newtonsoft.json.dll file or should I delete the entire Activity - Baidu or VariableCompare under nuget?

I think I will receive another error if I do that.

Here, the compiler throws an error related to ‘pText’.


Im not exactly sure which one you have to delete.
And the packages are in studio so it dosent really matter if you have kept the PoC xaml aside.

Clear you temp folder and restart studio and then try.
Do a Win+r and then %temp% and clear which ever is possible. Start Studio and then see.

@nadim.warsi Hi, can I ask a simple question? why do you have the “advanced” icon:grinning:
is that meaning you passed the certificate with same mailbox?

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Hi @nadim.warsi

The error says, “if both assemblies are identical, try replacing these references so both references are from same location” under project “vbhost”

Can you tell me how to find project “vbhost”. I tried uninstalling baidu package and I following error:

And I encountered same error after I deleted both.

@nadim.warsi Thanks !

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Can you try the below?

“go to %localappdata\Temp\nuget% and check if you have two folders/versions of Newtonsoft.Json? For example it could be one with 8.0.3 and one with 10.0.3. Remove the one with 10.0.3(you can copy it in some other place) and check again”

Related topic:

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Hi @nadim.warsi, Under variable comparer - the version is 11.02 *****

Under baidu it’s

There is no 8.0.3?

Also, after moving newtonsoft from baidu I received following error while exceuting the workflow:

Can you try the other folder mentioned in the second link i provided.

Also see this: Seems some conflict issue which has happned in your system so it works fine in others.

I think 10.0.3 should be removed and then tried.
What is the possibility for you to upgrade to 2018.3.2?