Urgent Uipath crashes when i try to save the flow


I had an urgent matter i had done a code in studio 2019.1 and i had to run it in studio 2018
but when i load the workflow do a modification and try to save it, it crashes:

i did not know why

We do not support forward compatibility.
Projects created with newer versions of Studio might not work with older Robots. For example, a project created in Studio v2018.3 might not work with a v2017.1 Robot.


Hi @abdel,

The errors are because the activities in 2019.1 are updated and they have few extra properties compared to activities in 2018.

For example in your case the for each you would have used in 2019.1 has an property called current index and this property you don’t have in 2018 version that y you are getting the above error.

Make the changes to your xaml file as mentioned in below post And give a try.