Urgent request related to dattable ammendments(removing all the spaces before write range data)

I would like to ask question about ammending data table

I have address data as datatable
and i would like to remove all the spaces in address

but if i add amendments after writing datatable then it takes so long time to
amend all the data cell by cell

so i would like to amend data before writing it.

How can i put condition to datatable to erase all the spaces before writing it?

Use Trim function… or use Replace function…

both will work effectively to remove… or replace…

but isnt it only work to string data?

i would like to erase all the spaces for datatable without using for each activity

This can be handle in multiple ways.
after opening a an excel spread sheet, use Ctrl + A to select all the page and use anther send hotkey activity as delete. that will clear all excel sheet data.

another method: post empty values in each cell before posting the data.
trim and replace functions will allow your string data as you desire.