I have excel data like this

I will use the “Subaccount ID” column to fill in the web form

then on a web form shaped like this where in the “Type Filter” section the robot will type in the data in the “Subaccount ID” column then the data will automatically appear on the form then I will use the “Click” activity to select the data in the form.

If I currently have data that does not exist in the data in the web form then the robot should not continue to another sequence. If I type the data “subaccount ID” in red on the web form, the web form will display “No Matches…”

I want to use activity “Find element” and activity “IF” how can I run it like that and what variables should I create?
If the data is not in the web form then the robot will not run other sequences or other activities

Hi @Kia1 ,

you can use Check app state activity.

using this activity you can target both scenarios, data is present in the list or not

use the check app state and make selector dynamic

Hello kia,

Can you please send the screenshot of error when you enter blank data. I can make a flow for you which will help you out.

my UiPath flow is like this
The robot is already in looping Excel and web form browsers

then in the “Subaccount sequence” the robot will select the first subaccount column data.

after the robot selects it will go to “Screenshoot sequence”, “Download sequence” and other sequences.

Now the problem is, if the subaccount column data turns out there is no data in the web form then can I use find element and IF?
because I want when the robot reads the next data, the robot will not find the data in the web form so there is no need to continue with the screenshot sequence

do you have an example? because I don’t understand

Use Check App State to check if there is “No Matches For*”
If True then Stop

Can you give an example in the form of an image or file?
I’ve used the activity check app but it doesn’t work

did I misplace between “Target appears” and “Target does not appear”
how to set a boolean variable to True?

Try This
Main.xaml (17.1 KB)

I’ve tried it, still no data can be found running the “screenshot sequence” and other sequences

the isExist variable is already boolean

You Have to Chek It After You type at the Filter,
After you Type, If there is No Data “No matches for*” will be appear, You have To Chek if this Element is Exist or Not

Hello Kia,

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I have attached a zip file for you. Please find the flow.
Any confusion feel free to ask!

Updated flow below

Kia_Forum.zip (10.8 KB)

Please let me know if my suggestion resolves your issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Happy Automation!!
Hrishikesh Kothale.