Urgent please help, Failed to upload delivery ship detail in RPA Export sheet. An error occurred while sending the request

Hi Team,

I see that in the bot after completing the run, its showing as 1 Technical exception.
as below:

I did analysis on this:

  1. The bot has to fetch the data from SAP and enter it in to the excel file - and its done as expected.

    above data is successfully fetched and also its being updated in to the excel file as below.

but at last while sending the status report - the result file ,

its showing as technical Exception.? why??

Please help



You mean Bot is getting failed while sending Output report at the end of the execution ?

No its sending output report but with the data in the report as below :frowning:

NOTE : we are working with the Gsuite. The google api’s

Hi @Seema_S ,

i think the bot is processing the record correctly but the end consolidated report is showing like processed record got failed with the exception. am i right. in this case you are having issue with consolidation logic i guess.

  1. Are you using RE frame work for this process.

  2. what is your logic to consolidating processed and not processed records in your flow. ( i mean are you using any logic like → bulid data tables(processed & rejected) → if record is processed you will be inserting the data into processed DT or if it is failed you are inserting to reject DT
    → at the end you are consolidating and writing report with the write range activity some thing like that)