Urgent : How to get the columns to processed from website

I have excel column A : (Invoices)
On Website I am opening Invoice : There are more than one record.
Checking the values for all the records on website and comparing with Excel Data.
If match then have to perform some ui elements (Type into and clicks ) On that particular record.

Can someone help me here to achieve the above step ?
see below SS.

Have to match Highlighted Yellow columns and if match then have to perform black highlighted steps.

If 2nd row’s data match then how should I write it in 2nd row ? IF 3rd row ?


@ushu @Palaniyappan @Nithinkrishna @Rahul_Unnikrishnan can you help me to solve the question?


  • Since the website has table with rows and columns the selector also might get row and column values
  • Indicate first field in the first row and open the selector in UiExplorer. Check is there any row or column value present in the selector
  • If it provides any of this value it would makes the process easier. You can indicate each individual field with the row or column value in the selector
  • So that you can loop through each row by incrementing the row value dynamically in the selector (Ref below doc for dynamically passing the variable value into the selector)

@ushu Yes, it is giving row and column value.
See below when I select 1st Checkbox .



Can you share an example how can I do this? I understand the logic but not able to make it.

Thank You in Advanced.

@ushu Do you need other details regarding this ? Can you help me with sample flow or some guide?


So you mean to say you want to compare website record data with excel ?


Yes, Correct.

But here I have multiple lines so, How should I select the exact lien which matches the record with excel ?

And How should I write the things on particular line which is matches criteria on excel ?
Highlighted black


First you need to scrape all the rows using Find Children and start comparing each row with Excel records to check if that is present or not ?


Hello @PALKUMARI_PATEL Can you please share the application URL

How should I compare and write that ? Can you send me an sample file ?

I can not @ushu . Can you provide me some example of the logic ? So, can try to apply on this?

Without site and data files its tough to prepare a sample.

Just first try getting all the rows from the website using Find Children

@ushu @Nithinkrishna
I’ve attached sample excel file with the steps.
Sample.xlsx (31.2 KB)

I am using extract data table activity to get the data from Website for particular column value.
It is giving me below selector.

Let me know if you need anything here.

How Can i use that find children activity to get this solve ? Can you please explain me here?

Hi @ushu I’ve got few things done with this query. Just now need some help to complete this.

Can you help me ?
I’ve got the row index from Website’s extract data.
How should I match the row value?
Now I have to make this as dynamic selector and use to select the proper row line based on rowindex.

With Find Children you can get the row elements of the table post which you can extract the text from it to compare with Excel data and then perform actions on elements if required.

Can you just give me an sample flow in uipath studio?
I am confused so, Please its a big help.

See my excel.
Sample.xlsx (31.2 KB)

Is the website you are using a public one ?

No @Nithinkrishna

I am getting row index by assigning variable and “extracted_Data.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1”

Somehow, it is giving me wrong data.
suppose it has to give 5 and it gives 3.

What is Extracted data here please ?