[URGENT!] How to do "control + -" operation on Datatable in uipath


I extracted a datatable using DataScaping technique and output looks like as the sample given below

I want to replicate the “Control + -” operation done in excel in uipath and finally the data table should look like this
How shall I achieve this?
Please help me out.

Thanks and Regards,
Shreyas Shete.

If you know how/what to use those controls in Excel, you can use Type Into activity while Excel file is opened to send the appropriate commands to the file.

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But, I am using Workbook activity and I won’t be writting it to excel. Just to show here I did so and in my case I shall use this Datatable for further operations.
Any other solution you can thinks

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You can create new DataTable and shift the values using For Each Row and Add Data Row activities.

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Example. Might help you

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Hi @shreyasshete

How about this solution like below.