Urgent Help!

Hello and good day, Please can you help me out. I have trying to scrap data from Job website, which I have successfully. However, I am told when I execute the program the second time, the robot should be able to identify links that were previously opened (the opened links have pink color, while the unopened once have blue color).

How can I go about this please?

@abianga_G You can use InjectJS activity to get the visited attribute of the link. In Selector input pass your link selector and in code use getComputedStyle method to get it.
Note: It worked on IE as well


Thanks so much for taking your time to reply. The thing is, I’m kind of new to RPA. please I will love to see where and how to do this. I have been fighting with it all day. Thanks

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I want to scrape only the unvisited links

ANY HELP!? Please Guys!

@abianga_G: If the CSS class or other HTML attributes of the two links are different, you can use the activity “Get Attributes” with “outerhtml” as attributes to get the HTML code of the element on the page and then simply check with String.Contains() which CSS attribute is present aka which color the link has.

If you don’t get anywhere with it, you are welcome to send me the page, then I’ll have a short look at it (if public).


Hello I sent you a Personal Message