Urgent help- Stop Job activity

Hi guys,
Could some please help me what can I put in the Job Property of “stop job” activity. It says that it will accept OrchestratorJob type input. The name of my process is ConnectedAdvisor and the name of my environment is also ConnectedAdvisor.

I tried “ConnectedAdvisor” in this Job property but it says it cannot accept string. How can I convert it to Orchestrator job type. Please help

hi @Chintan_Gandhi

use job property and check to change the variable type as Generic Value and check the below post

Ashwin S

Thanks @AshwinS2 for your reply. It doesn’t seem to work. The name of my job is “CA_Advisor” (process). When I create a variable genJobName of type generic and assign “CA_Advisor” to it- The stop job activity still shows error that I cannot covert a variable from Generic to Orchestrator job type variable.

Apparently it only accepts orchestratorjob type. How to convert CA_Advisor to orchestratorjob data type

Hey @Chintan_Gandhi

First you have to use Get Jobs Activity to Get all jobs from Orchestrator then it will return an IEnumerable. by traversing or filtering it you will get your Orchestrator job then use it for your further usage.


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Thanks @aksh1yadav. You’re awesome. It worked!

Extending the Chintan’s question:

I want to stop the current job on my robot, if a certain condition is met. Can I get the ID/NAME of the current job running on the robot?


I’m using the Get Job Activity, and are able to filter only spesific jobs from Orchestrator, but I am not able to print out which jobs I’m getting into the IEnumerable variable.
How can I travers the IEnumerable variable, and print out the content of the jobs?