Urgent Help please


I have a problem when I execute my process via Windows Task Scheduler, is there any expert I can arrange a Webex call with and share my screen and discuss and help??
Please if any one can help contact me on adeemo-22@hotmail.com

I am stuck literally and would highly appreciate thee support.

Hi @aalmuqhim

What problem re you facing while running the process in windows task Scheluder?


Hi @pravin_calvin

I created an automation process which opens Excel file and then add SAS-Add ins then update the data I have after that it is going to save the file and close it and pate it in a specific destination. When I execute it via Task scheduler it only opens excel and do nothing after! I have no idea why?

Hi @aalmuqhim,

Is there any error encountered?


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon

No errors received that is why I couldn’t handle the situation and ask for a call

Guys please I need help all my process is going to be useless :sob:

Guys I truly need to understand why that is happening???
Why it only opens excel and ask me if I want to save changes or not?? And that’s it??