Urgent help on how to delete a folder or how to hyphen between XML tags

HI All,

We have an issue where our bot goes into our house application, clicks a button to export some xml and then saves it to a local drive. The bot then needs to move the folder and contents to a completed folder.

Heres the issue. When the bot clicks the export button, IE loads a window displaying the xml, the bot does a CRL + S on the content of that window and then saves it to the local drive. The bot then tries to move the folder and its contents to a completed folder but can’t because its locked. On checking myself manually i notice the folder can’t even be deleted as it says its being used by another process. I can however delete the folders contents. Another thing i notice is the folder seems locked to IE, i say this because If i close IE then it releases the lock to the folder and i can delete or move the folder. Of course closing IE isnt an option at all to a solution as the bot needs to keep it open to process more transactions.

Any suggestion would be hugely appreciative as this is a blocker for our project.


@rohangroombridge Have you tried with closing the xml IE Tab?

Thanks for the reply. Yes i close it everytime. It doesnt release the lock. What ive noticed is the only thing that helps is closing IE completely or killing IE recovery process that launches everytime time IE launches. But of course both are not options i can do.

@Arpit_Kesharwani, do you have any antiviruses on your machine which could cause this situation?
I had experience that some type of files can cause antivirus to cause that and I had to put exception that antivirus don’t scan designated folder.

If you do it manually what happens? Is it the same situation?

Yes there is antiviurs on the PC. When i do it manually nothing changes, the issue still happens. Do you believe it could be the anitvirus?