Urgent help needed...plss automate!

I have two excel files… E1(books) with sheet S1 and columns GSTIN_B, INVOICE_B, CGST_B, IGST_B, SGST_B and E2( portal) with sheet gstr2a with columns GSTIN_P, INVOICE_P, CGST_P, IGST_P, SGST_P.

then CGST1-CGST2 >= (+_10), IGST1-IGST2 >= (+_10), SGST1-SGST2 >= (+_10) then write in new data column as matched .(a, b, c as columns ).

and also if GSTIN_B=GSTIN_P, CGST_B=CGST_P, IGST_B=IGST_P then ty to match with INVOICE. If match found the write in a new column as “GCII matched” else leave it empty.

Attached are the files

If possible share zoom link wil connect and help you. What you given the question is not understood properly.

Pavan kumar


Can you please provide some sample input and output
so that it will give more clear information!!