Urgent help needed on Updating Values

Hi All,

I Have a columnname with datecolumn , I have to filter with the date or index and update its row values on that date column.
I have used the below query and getting the error.
dt.Select(“3/31/2021=‘New’”).ToList().ForEach(Sub(row) row(“3/31/2021”)=“0.00”)

Getting the Error like this 3/31/2021 is not a vaild date format.

please find the sample excel file.
Filter.xlsx (5.4 MB)

Thanks in advance,

Hi @surya_teja.k

The column name is 3/31/201 and not 3/31/2021


yes Varun Column name is 3/31/2021.

is there any solution with you.

Hi @surya_teja.k

Try this


(From r In inputDT 
Let a = If(r(0).ToString.Equals("New"), "0.00", r(0).ToString) 
Select outDT.Rows.Add(a)).CopyToDataTable

Thanks a lot varun, its working.

Hi Varun,

Small issue here , its only Updating with only single value.
Example like this =“0.00” but its updating with =0.

How can change this tostring to double so i can get all the values.

Thanks in advance,


it is converting to 0.00 see below


you must be writing output in excel. You can do one thing build data table with column data type as string and with data table variable as outDT.
Remove the assign activity with outDT = inputDT.clone
and use the second assign acitivity only
then write the outDT in excel.

Thanks Varun, You are savior.

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Hi @kumar.varun2,

Is it good idea to build a data table? Actually I am having 23 columns in real time.

I have to Build for all the columns?

Thanks in advance,

No. Go with inputDT.clone method

Ok Varun, Thanks. But how about other decimals is there any solution?

or can i manage with it?

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