URGENT Excel file not saving to specified folder (Adv RPA Dev Assignment 2)

Hi UiPath Community

My advanced RPA developer assignment 2 performer is saving the Excel files to the Desktop downloads folder instead of “Data\Temp”. I am inputting the value manually for testing purposes and this issue has not been resolved.

Update 2:
In the ‘System1_CreateYearlyReport’ sequence I have changed the variable ‘out_YearlyReportPath’ to direction out.

Update 3:
I have added in my ‘Data’ folder the required ‘Temp’ folder.

I have looked at the other solutions on the forum, but the fixes are not working. Can someone kindly assist me? I am really baffled…

I have uploaded my performer workflow for more details.
GenerateYearlyReport_Performer V1.4.zip (1.8 MB)

Hi Sherenica

It looks like your in_ReportsDownloadPath is “C:\Users\TSSuk\OneDrive\Desktop\Tiara_Work\UiPath Training\RPA Developer\Advanced Training\Assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report\Work\GenerateYearlyReport_Performer\Data\Temp”
It should only be “Data\Temp” otherwise you get the wrone string combine :slight_smile:
If this isn’t helping let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards

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