Urgent: Could not find column 2 in Append Line activity in only QA environment not in Dev

Hi All

We are reading a data table and for each row we are fetching each column and appending in a text file using AppendLine activity. There it is throwing error like Could not find Column 2.

This issue is happening only in QA not in Dev environment, that too for some set of records.

Thing is the data and append line activity is not environment specific or any specific records. Then why is it happening so ?

Hi @kkp,
Are there any differences between environments? Any discrepancies between package and/or applications versions?

The error is being generated from Append Line activity and also there is no mismatch of versions.

Please help.


Have you tried to use column names instead of indexes?

No, but now issue is not happening. Not sure why is it happening sometimes. It got resolved during retry.

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When I come to similar issues many times it appeared that some activity was doing it’s task so fast that next one was triggering the task to soon and I needed to push a little delay/wait for ready element there. Maybe that’s the case here?